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  • When BBQ Takes Part in Halloween: Top 5 Scary Recipes

  • Halloween is knocking at your door, are you prepared to get a scary image? You might have started making scary costumes, musk and various other items to decorate your place to maintain that festive mood, but what about food? Several cakes and pastries come with Halloween designs, but if you are fond of BBQ and planning to offer your guests the same in Halloween, you shouldn’t skip the essence of the festival. Here are some scary food ideas for Halloween to made in pellet grills and smokers.

    Are you ready? Here you go!


    A hot dog is an easy and tasty treat for any occasion and with a little twist in the story, you can make it appropriate for Halloween. Cutting the top of the hotdog in the shape of fingernail you can put it between pieces of bread. Adding some barbecue sauce at the cut edge of the hotdog will make it look creepy. Run the knife on the hotdog to make wrinkles and knuckles.


    Use the most available chicken wings and cook them in the pellet grills and smokers. After cooking nicely, add barbecue sauce and black food coloring to make it look real roasted bat wings. The crispy ‘bat wings’ can be served as a delicious appetizer.


    Use meatballs, cheese and olive to give the effect of rotten eyes. Cut the cheese in round shape, cut the black olive keeping the center intact. Use meatball as the base and use cheese on the top of the olive. Serve it with bread but garnish it the way to make the eyeball visible. Add barbecue sauce for the added effect.


    Get some pork heart and use it as the meat topping of your pizza. Nothing more is required to make it creepy other than the normal ingredients of pizza. Indeed, a Halloween recipe!


    For the full feast, you can try grilling full racks of ribs. After cooking the meat in pellet grills and smokers, you can cut the meat from each end and expose the white bone. Adding ketchup dipping sauce in the middle will give a chest cavity look.

    The recipes are not difficult to prepare, but as these are based on BBQ, you need to have good pellet grills and smokers. Check those before the event, so that no malfunction can ruin the party. You can get helped from American Propane, an authorized grill and smoker manufacturer and service provider for any help and advice regarding your pellet grills and smokers.