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  • The 10 Best BBQ Books to Buy in 2019

  • Pro tips on how to smoke and grill the best barbecue in the neighborhood

    Our Top Picks

    Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto at Amazon

    “Must-have for anyone serious about real Texas BBQ.”

    Meathead at Amazon

    “Puts together the best methods for barbecue and grilling.”

    The Prophets of Smoked Meat at Amazon

    “A travelogue of the back roads of barbecue.”

    Smoke: New Firewood Cooking at Amazon

    “Takes everything—barbecue, grilling, camp cooking—back to the beginning.”

    Diva Q’s Barbecue at Amazon

    “Everything from simple grilling to complex smoking and loads of bacon.”

    Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book at Amazon

    “This book—part cookbook, part history—is the legacy of the Gibson dream.”

    Peace, Love, & Barbecue at Amazon

    “The recipes are great, but the storytelling is better.”

    Project Smoke at Amazon

    “One of history’s most successful grilling books.”

    Slow Fire at Amazon

    “The content is straightforward and simple enough for any novice of barbecue.”

    Smoke & Spice at Amazon

    “Great cookbook that puts ​barbecue in the hands of real people.”