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  • Today you sent a crew of two young men to my house to clean my barbecue. I just wanted to let you know what a terrific job they did. They arrived on time, went right to work, were polite and professional at all times. And the best news is that the barbecue now looks practically brand new. They also took the time to completely clean everything around the barbecue, put our hose back exactly as it was, and properly disposed of the materials that needed to be discarded.

    Don. G

  • I called to get my 5 year old BBQ to get cleaned and got put on the schedule right away. They came out the following week detailed my entire BBQ and made it look like new. I was able to order parts that needed to be replaced with them. When you get cleaning through the company the repair fee is discounted. They came back out the following week with the parts and replaced what needed to be replaced. This company is very reliable unlike others I have contacted in the past. Other companies I have used do not know how to repair they can only do a cleaning. Definitely recommend them! Amazing service, fully licensed and insured. Friendly office staff.


  • They came out to the valley for me and did an amazing job. Not only were they thorough with the job they got me on the schedule right away. I have referred them to the rest of my family as well, for their job was bar none, exceptional!!! Two young men came out and cleaned my bbq grill for three hours by the time they were through it looked as though I had just purchased it. You would be doing yourself and your bbq grill a great service when hiring the men at Filthy Grill!! Three thumbs way way up!


  • We had a grill installed by filthy grill and we were very impressed. Don't hesitate to contact them for grill cleaning or installation.


  • This is the second time I have used Filthy Grill and remain incredibly impressed. I had a fire in my grill and it looked bad. Zach and Sergio came out, on time with all the necessary equipment and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned; now my grill looks great! These guys were meticulous, getting as much of the dirt, grease and grime as humanly possible.

    Friends have wondered why I would pay $325 to have my BBQ cleaned, but I have a $4000, 48 inch BBQ that I, nor anyone (except FG) would ever clean this well. In fact, if I had a $500 grill, I care enough about my family and friends to have the grill cleaned thoroughly and properly.

    Thanks guys - See you next year. C.L.

  • 2 guys came out. My grill was in bad shape, I previously had a fire in the grill that required a fire extinguisher (you don't want to eat my grilled food!). They got it shiny and smooth again. The ceramic tiles look cleaner, the grills are smooth and the inside is as good as it's going to get. The two guys who came out were sweethearts. I paid $300 and will call them again.


  • Best ever BBQ cleaning I've received. The two men that came out to clean out BBQ and left my grill looking not only clean but almost brand new. Both were super helpful and courteous, saved me time and hassle. I would recommend this service to anyone considering it.


  • Once again I got my semi-yearly cleaning with Filthy Grill as we grill year round. As always, I am extremely satisfied with the service and highly recommend them. My BBQ is clean as new! I called and was put on the schedule immediately! Jessie and another young fellow came out to my house and cleaned my BBQ for about 2 hours. They are the best!!! Thank you Filthy Grill for being so reliable, I can always count on you!


  • This company has been around for over 10 years. They recently have had competitors that quote their cleanings lower but they are not insured and are not reputable companies at all. All I know is that when I have Filthy Grill come over to clean our barbecue which I have done for several years I am always completely satisfied and confident I am protected if there was ever a problem. They always stand by their work!!!! I have recommended them to many friends who have always been satisfied. Filthy Grill also gives me a discount on my cleaning whenever I refer them to friends. I love this company!


  • This company came to my house and said look you don't need a new BBQ, since I have a built in already it would if cost me over $1500 for a new one. They are professional as they come. The guy cleaned my BBQ and i swear it was like brand new. Unreal. He also advised us that we needed 2 new valves and I already knew that. He ordered them, came back a week later and put them in. I have a brand new BBQ NOW!!! Love it and love the customer service. I have tried cleaning it myself it just does not come out like filthy grill does. Love u guys. Thanks for making it happen. I would definitely recommend them.


  • Filthy Grill was superb. Jeff Johnson was extremely ethical, hard working, and came back without hesitation when he had initially installed a new starter button that did not work. He came on a Saturday and made certain that a second new starter set up worked. Plus, after he cleaned it the 25 year old grill looked brand new. I give him and the company in Huntington Beach 10 stars (out of 5)!


  • Wow! Filthy Grill Inc is such a great company!! I used them for the first time recently because my friend highly recommended them. Thank you for doing a great job. Also thank you for the good advice you gave to me and my boyfriend about maintaining my grill. We will definitely use this company again without a doubt!
    5 stars for Filthy Grill Inc.

    Happy grilling everyone! -L.M

  • I never thought these guys could make my grill look so brand new!!!!!! I am seriously so amazed right now and had to share! We inherited this grill from the previous homeowners and saying it was 'nasty' would be an understatement. After having Filthy Grill come out and do what they do best, I finally feel safe enough to put my food on it. I am really looking forward to the winter months ahead in sunny So Cal to get my grillin' on!! Thanks Guys! See you next year!


  • Filthy Grill arrived on time on August 5th, 2015. They worked hard for 2 1/2 hours without a break.
    They did terrific work on my Twin Eagles Grill. They cleaned every inch of it and it had not been cleaned in 7 years.
    They are wonderful to work with. Be sure to ask for Blake and Jesse.


  • Wow..... I am amazed.... They did an excellent job on my 5 burner grand turbo grill. I am totally blown away. No hidden fees and the are reliable. My grill was bad.... But now it's good as new.... So good, I even bought a cover for it. Thanks gents... 5 stars.