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  • Gas grills generally have a long lifespan, but if you don’t wash or maintain yours properly, this can be shortened. Grills can get clogged badly, and gunk can build up so much that it causes tiny fires, and rust can take over your machine. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much effort to maintain and clean. Continue reading for cleaning tips.

    1. Keep it covered.

    If not in use, keep your grill covered. Most brands make their covers that must be purchased separately, of course, but they are well worth it. Protecting your grill from the elements protects it from rusting and becoming dirtier than it should be.

    1. Check for leaks.

    With the propane on, run soapy water along the connections and the gas line. If you see bubbles, there is a leak, and its connections should be tightened or the line replaced. Complete this step monthly.

    1. Clean your grill regularly.

    After each use, you should also spot clean after the thorough cleaning –which should be done every few months. Use Windex to brush the grates and wipe the outside, and you’ve got the job done. Sometimes, turning the grill on for 15 minutes once a week or so to burn off some of the extra gunk is a good idea.

    1. Fuel

    The natural gas or propane supply should be checked and replenished as necessary.

    Maintaining a clean grill comes with many benefits. In addition to extended life and excellent tasting food, health benefits and safety benefits are essential.