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  • When we grill, we often make it an activity with the family. Whether it’s playing catch or running around the yard, we’re more active while we are outside. So when we grill outdoors, we are encouraging more activity, which is an added health benefit of grilling.

    When you place a piece of meat on the grill, you can hear the sizzle of the excess fat dripping off your food and down the grates meaning you will consume less fat. If you’re a master griller, your food is always tender making it less likely to need additional butter or oil. It’s both tasty and healthier.

    Adding vegetables to any meal is essential. When you grill them, they retain more vitamins and minerals. This is especially true with vegetables that have a low water content like broccoli, eggplant and asparagus

    But, before you start cooking, always make sure you have a healthy and clean grill. The crusted mess and fat drippings on the grates are full of carcinogenic chemicals that will transfer to your food when the grill is lit and it begins to melt.

    As a barbecue cleaning franchise, we offer residential and commercial customers a convenient, low-cost grill-cleaning solution. We have developed a non-toxic system that uses steam cleaners to pump out 310 degree steam vapor at 75 psi.