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  • Favorite Rainy Day Barbecue Recipes

  • Outdoor Favorites Come in Out of the Rain

    Don’t let the rain ruin your cookout! Here are a some of our favorite rainy day barbecue ideas, plus lots of side dishes to go with them.

    Cooking options include the stovetop or electric grill, oven, and slow cooker.

    Pulled pork sandwiches make a fabulous meal and it’s always my go-to meal for visiting family.
    Just about any burger can be broiled or cooked in a grill pan. Here are a few excellent choices.
    Some of the tastiest, most tender ribs come out of the oven or slow cooker.
    Shredded beef is similar to pulled pork, and it makes amazing sandwiches.
    Whether you’re looking for something a little different or prefer the standard egg-and-potato mix, you’ll find something in this list.
    Slaw is a must for pulled pork, and nearly as essential for ribs and shredded beef. Here are some tasty recipes.
    Besides the typical potato salad and slaw, you might want beans with your pork, macaroni and cheese, or a macaroni salad. Here are a few more sides that go great with barbecue.
    A fruit cobbler, ice cream, or strawberry shortcake?  I welcome you to try one of these sweet indulgences.
    Chicken breasts and chicken thighs can make a delicious shredded barbecue, and it’s made super easy with the slow cooker.