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  • 3 Reasons You Should Have Your BBQ Grill Professionally Cleaned

  • Enjoy Hosting BBQs For Your Family and Friends? Here’s 3 Reasons You Should Have Your BBQ Grill Professionally Cleaned.

    If cooking outdoors is something you enjoy, likely you have a grill you’re proud of and enjoy cooking on. However, the not-so-fun part of grilling is the BBQ grill cleaning process and the regular maintenance of your grill.

    Some people assume that a quick wipe down is all that is necessary to keep a grill clean, kind of like grandma’s favorite cast iron skillet, but the fact of the matter is that your grill needs a good, deep cleaning several times a year for a lot of different reasons. Let’s talk about three of the most important ones.

    1. Grease fires aren’t fun. They are also dangerous.

    BBQ’s are all fun and games until a dirty BBQ grill with caked on food pieces or a buildup of grease causes a grease fire. Though these fires are dangerous, they actually are avoidable. A good BBQ grill cleaning is all it takes to avoid these fires.

    Unfortunately, a regular cleaning is not only time consuming and hard to do, but it also may not be enough to get your grill properly clean. That’s where a professional grill cleaning company such as Filthy Grill comes in handy.

    Keep your hands clean, your grill clean, and your outdoor cooking much safer.

    2. Toxins and bacteria don’t belong in your food

    Mayo, mustard, ketchup, a fabulous A1 sauce. Sautéed onions. Relish. Maybe some flavorful seasonings. All those things belong in your food if you like them. Bacteria and toxic carcinogens do not.

    Not only don’t they belong there, but they can be extremely harmful to you, your loved ones, or your friends’ health if they are ingested while eating your barbeque food.

    A dirty grill attracts and promotes the growth of bacteria. The fact is you would never cook a new meal in a dirty pan with bits and pieces of old food cooked in it.

    So, why would you grill in those same conditions, risking your health over potential bacterial growth? You really shouldn’t.

    Not only are bacteria a potential risk, but so is being exposed to carcinogens via your dirty grill. Besides keeping your BBQ grill clean through the use of a profession cleaning service, other ways that are suggested to cut down the risk of being exposed to carcinogens are to avoid flame flare ups while grilling.

    If liquid marinate is your preferred style, make sure you marinade your meat for at least 30 minutes before grilling as opposed to pouring it on while your meat is grilling.

    3. It’s all in the taste.

    Let’s face it. What we all really want out of our food is an amazing taste. If not, why bother grilling at all? There’s nothing quite like a great steak fresh off of the grill on a Saturday afternoon just in time for some rest and relaxation with the family or with friends paired with some grilled potato wedges and some grilled corn on the cob. Yum!

    But what’s not so great are the burnt bits and pieces of marinated chicken and shrimp from your last outdoor grilling session two weeks ago sticking to that expensive steak. Yuck!

    Let’s not even talk about all the cross contamination issues here. Just the fact that ribeye will taste less than amazing after a full afternoon of grilling should be a sobering enough reason for you to want to keep your BBQ grill spotless.

    ou cannot simply wipe or burn off dirt, stuck-on food, or germs …

    Let’s recap. You cannot simply wipe or burn off dirt, stuck-on food, or germs. Even a hand “wash” of your grill may not be enough to get your grill as clean as it needs to be to be safe enough for grilling on for you and your loved ones.

    Don’t take a chance that not only could your food not taste perfect as you’d like it to, but also that fires could be a worry, or that bacteria and carcinogens could become a serious concern.

    Other reasons to have your BBQ grill professionally cleaned regularly that we didn’t talk about above but are worth mentioning quickly are:

    ●     Your dirty grill could possibly attract pests and with pests comes pests feces.

    ●     Your grill will last longer if you get it cleaned. You may have to buy a replacement sooner than you’d like to if you don’t keep it maintained properly.

    ●     A clean grill will heat up better and more evenly, cooking things more efficiently than a dirty grill.

    ●     Prevent rust on your grill which affects not only your grilling but can also be harmful if ingested.

    ●     Reduces the risk of food cross contamination.

    ●     Can help prevent mold formation.

    If those aren’t some great reasons to get a professional to come to your home and help you clean and maintain your grill, we don’t know what are.

    Don’t wait, contact us here, and we’ll be glad to get you a quick quote and set up a day to come and clean your grill.

    Say goodbye to that stinky, dirty, and frankly embarrassing BBQ grill and say hello to a grill you can safely cook on and that you can even be proud of. Filthy Grill can make that happen for you.