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  • To all our Filthy Grill Customers

  • In the last few months we have had some setbacks that have been an extreme inconvenience not only to our company as well as our customers. We are still researching the exact source of the loss of scheduled customers as well as parts needed and ordered by waiting customers. We have some information as to a new competitor being involved but we are still looking into this! 
    All this to say that if you have waited on parts for a long period of time or have not received calls from Filthy Grill at all or in an approprite period of time we are extremely sorry! I personally as an owner have always run this business with integrity and feel that the needs and satisfaction of our customers is the first priority. This to me is how to run a succesful business.Unfortunately not everyone does business this way which is unfortunately beyond our control! If you are awaiting parts, please call the office to see if your parts have arrived! 
    On another note, we are presently offering a $25 discount off a repair with a scheduled cleaning through the end of September! We will also give you a $20 credit toward your next cleaning if you refer a new customer to Filthy Grill for services. When the new customer calls just have them give us their name and we can put a credit on your account! We appreciate all referels whether it is in a nice yelp review, next door neighbor message or telling your friends and family.  At this time I have one of the best crews I have ever had and they are very knowledgeable in cleaning and repairs! I know you will be satisfied with our service!
    I want to share with you something that many of you may not know and is very important in the maintenance of your barbecue! Part of our cleaning service involves flushing out the burners which often times, this is not done by a surface cleaning.
    When the burners get clogged with grease, carbon and debris, you will get uneven heating during your cooking! Most people grill toward the front of the barbecue so the build up usually occurs in this area. This can be very dangerous and could possibly cause a fire. When the flames have nowhere to go, the flame goes to the front of the barbecue. If you may find your knobs starting to get hot the clogged burners or a burner that has moved could be the cause of your problem! Eventually the wires and ignition parts start melting and ruin the ignition system! Avoid this at all cost because this can be quite costly!! 
  • Another reason to flush out your burners is because spiders and bugs often like to find a home in the tubes of burners and also for overall longevity of the burners maintenance is important! I hope you found this information helpful! Again thank you for your business! Happy Grilling from the Filthy Grill Family!