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  • Many of us look forward to grilling season with excitement. After all, barbecues aren’t just about enjoying delicious food. They’re also a time to socialize and catch up with friends and family. However, nothing can sully an otherwise perfect day of gathering around the grill quite like an unsanitary barbeque grill. While most people understandably don’t enjoy this routine maintenance task on their grill, it nevertheless remains an extremely important one to do. Failure to keep your grill clean between uses, or before storing it away for the winter, can lead to some pretty serious consequences.

    A Dirty Grill is a Fire Hazard

    When you dust off your grill for a barbeque, you’re not reaching for lean cuts of chicken or veggie skewers. While there’s a time and place for healthy foods on your grill (and no shade to those who do grill veggie kebabs and chicken on their grill!), most of us can admit that we’re mostly wanting to slap some hamburgers, ribs, and juicy steaks on the plate. While the oils in these foods can lend to a delicious flavor, they can also increase the risk of oil pooling in the bottom of your grill. If this puddled fat isn’t cleaned out, it can cause the fire to flare up, potentially leading to severe burns.

    A Dirty Grill Can Make You Sick

    Most of us have a general idea of safe food handling practices. We know how to cook our foods to the right temperature, and we know that we need to put leftovers away within two hours to avoid food-borne illnesses. You would never reuse a dirty plate that held raw meat without first washing it, so why are you reusing a dirty grill that handled your food? Not giving your grill a proper scrub-down after uses can lead to old food accumulating on it, which can quickly lead to bacteria and mold forming. If you ingest anything that touched these filthy, germy surfaces, you could get extremely ill.

    A Dirty Grill May Attract Rodents

    Nobody likes discovering rats or other rodents on their property. The mere sight of them can fill you with both annoyance and revulsion. Did you know that a dirty grill is like a magnet for disease-carrying rodents? Rats are omnivores and are always looking for an easy meal, and your dirty grill is like a welcome mat for them. To avoid having a filthy rat crawling all over your grill — or possibly leaping out at you when you pull it out to use it! – you absolutely must make sure you give it a thorough cleaning before you store it away.

    Giving your grill a deep cleaning is extremely vital for the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family. If you’ve been putting off cleaning your grill because you’re dreading this chore, allow us to do it for you. To learn more about our grill cleaning services, or to schedule a proper cleaning for your grill, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!