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  • Should You Clean a BBQ Grill After Every Use?

  • While everybody loves a good barbeque during hot summer months, no one enjoys the hassle of cleaning greasy barbeque grills. However, many people emphasize the importance of cleaning the grill after every use, but is this necessary?

    Regardless of the type of barbeque grills used, they must be cleaned after every use. Furthermore, deeper and professional cleaning of your grill should occur a few times throughout the year. This is to improve the quality of the meat cooked on the grill and avoid sickness.

    So while it may be a chore to clean barbeque grills after every use, this added level of cleanliness gives you peace of mind when cooking, as it significantly reduces the chance of food being contaminated while improving the grill’s longevity.


    • Barbeque grills must be cleaned after every use and professionally cleaned every few months.
    • Different brushes must be used for different types of grills.
    • Although soapy water is important for cleaning grills, care must be taken to thoroughly dry them to avoid rust.


    During the cooking process, flame-grilled meat produces carbon deposits that can be displaced on every surface of a barbeque grill, including the grates, hood, interior of the firebox, and the burner tubes of gas grills [2].

    These deposits, when heated up, can react with meat being cooked on the grill, potentially exposing the meat to harmful bacteria.

    This harmful bacteria can significantly hamper the taste of the meat or result in food poisoning.

    Further to the above health hazards, carbon deposits contain very dangerous carcinogens, which can increase the risk of cancer.

    Over and above the health hazards of not cleaning a grill is how a dirty grill will affect its efficiency. An excessive build-up of carbon results in grills that heat unevenly, do not reach full operating temperature, and cause gas tubes to fail.

    Therefore, a barbeque grill should be cleaned after every use, while deeper professional cleans should be done every four to six months.