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  • How to Clean Grill Grates: 3 Easy Tips

  • Keep your grill clean so you can keep the party going this summer. Find out what popular grill hacks actually work.

    What do onions, coffee and aluminum foil all have in common? Supposedly they’re all great cleaners for your grill. But do they actually do the trick?

    We’ve put these three cleaning hacks to the test to find out which ones actually work:

    • Soak grill grates and utensils in coffee to break down grease and grime.
    • Scrub dirty grill grates with an onion, which supposedly makes a great natural scrubber.
    • Clean dirty grill grates with vinegar and a DIY aluminum foil scrubber.

    Hack #1: Use coffee to clean grill grates and utensils.

    • Place your grill grates or utensils in a large container and fill it with coffee.
    • Let soak for at least an hour.
    • Transfer into hot water to rinse.
    • Wipe clean with a cloth.

    Hack #2: Use an onion to clean dirty grill grates.

    • Cut an onion in half.
    • Stick it with a grill fork.
    • Scrub grill grates while they’re hot.

    Hack #3: Use vinegar and aluminum foil to clean grill grates.

    • Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray grill grates.
    • Let it sit for a bit.
    • Ball up some aluminum foil into a scrubber.
    • Scrub grates until they come clean.