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  • Reduce Risky Grease Fires

    Removal of grease will reduce the risk of a dangerous and hazardous grease fire. We scrub off and remove traces of existing grease, fat and carbon – especially in areas you can’t see.

    Your Food Will Taste Better

    Food tastes better when grilled on a clean barbecue. Taste the meat and not the unhealthy char!

    Yes to Sanitary

    A clean grill helps keeps away pests and their droppings. Cooking on a grill that has traces of droppings is not healthy!

    In addition, that left over char and build up can be very bad for your health.

    Remove Harmful Carcinogens

    There is a lot of research that claims leftover burnt char is a carcinogen. Charred meat = bad. Unfortunately, this leftover char sticks to your grates and sit at the bottom of your grill near your burners.

    Enjoy the aroma

    No one likes the smell of old grease and char burning from a barbecue. Smell today’s meat – not one from the past.

    Look Good While Grilling

    Make your friends and family feel comfortable when they see you cooking on a clean, well-maintained grill. Say no to unsanitary grilling by setting the standard.

    Protect Your Investment

    Grill cleaning extends the life of your grill and can prevent future corrosion. This protects your valuable barbecue investment.

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